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"It was amazingly fun and special"

“I am getting married soon and I wanted to gift my fiancé something special and timeless, so I approached Hilary for a boudoir shoot. It was amazingly fun and special. Hilary made me feel relaxed and she demonstrated all the moves I needed to do so it was so easy. The images turned out so beautiful and my fiancé absolutely loved the album.” - Wing

“After having two kids I wanted to regain my sexiness, so I thought of having a shoot done by Hilary. I followed her work for some time and loved it, but never had the confidence to do so as I don’t have a nice body shape. Hilary encouraged me to do it and taught me to appreciate my body. The images were so beautiful I couldn’t believe it was myself. I feel it was a very important experience for me to regain my confidence and feeling feminine again. ” - Vivian

"the images were so beautiful"

"Dear Hilary, Thank you so much for last week for doing the boudoir shoot for me. You were so sweet & professional, guiding me though all the way. You made me feel so comfortable and sexy. It was an amazing experience, definitely a huge confident boost & I think every woman should have one!! I can’t wait to see the films. Thank you so much again. 
Love, J xx"

"definitely a huge confident boost"

"Hilary's enthusiasm is infectious. I was so in love with her sample photos at the first sight. Then I decided to take her boudoir session as a valentines gift for my husband. And when my husband received it, he said it's the best gift ever!! Hilary knows how to guide you to look the best of you, how to pose, how to dress, where to look etc. Her photography is classy, sexy, girly and very French :) I would highly recommend Hilary's boudoir session."

"when my husband received it, he said it's the best gift ever"

"Working with Hilary has been a more than a joy… I got in touch with her over social media and from the very beginning she was enthusiastic to bring my vision to life. She made me feel at ease with bringing my natural sexiness out, feel confident and beautiful about it. Hands down, one of the most talented, predisposing and dedicated photographers I have worked with! :)"

"hilary made me feel at ease with bringing my natural sexiness out"



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