How to Prepare for A Boudoir Shoot

The fine art boudoir session is a fun and a personalised experience to enjoy the day feeling great and beautiful with your favourite dresses, lingerie, high heels and flowers.

Be prepared to feel pampered by getting hair and make up done before the photo shoot. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose – I will guide you to look amazing and at your best.

bridal boudoir hong kong
A simple white silk slip is classic & beautiful

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This is an essential step for deciding on the overall mood and it sets the tone of the photo shoot, and also to help you with planning your outfits.

1. Go to or use Powerpoint
2. Create a board. Sample board:
3. Collect inspiration images that you like (mood, locations, hair & make up, outfits, shoes, poses, anything)

boudoir mood board inspiration
boudoir photography outfit inspiration
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Some things to think about when preparing for your boudoir shoot:

  1. What is your goal of the photo shoot? To feel beautiful & confident? To enjoy the day pampered by hair & make up? To get beautiful & personal portraits that last a life time?
  2. Think about what you love about yourself, both physically and in your personality – do you love your hair, legs, or collarbones? your kindness? your warmth and smile? Take some time to appreciate your own beauty.


This step is extremely important for creating the mood we want in a shoot. My personal favourite – White interiors, floor to ceiling windows with plenty of natural light, and stylish furniture sets the tone for the backdrop

Remember to confirm with your photographer before booking a venue. Ask your photographer what’s the best time to take photos, as it might depend on the lighting of the hour, season and location.

Tai O Heritage Hotel Hong Kong
Classic, colonial architecture sets a beautiful backdrop for photo shoots

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Style a variety from lace robes, lingerie to lose knit sweaters, to a little black dress. Usually within 2 hours, you can do up to 5 styles. Chances are your photographer may already have some of these items as props for borrowing. Here are some versatile pieces that is very flattering

  • Black lingerie set with garter belt & black
  • Nude & Black Stilettos
  • Men’s white shirt (from your man’s wardrobe)
  • Off shoulder sweater
  • White Silk slips
  • A little black dress
  • Silk robes and lace robes
  • Corsets

Pro Tip: Bring nude nipple stickers that works well with your skin tone.

best wedding gift idea
A black sheer robe is a great way to show sensuality elegantly

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This step enhances the whole experience, adding the little details to create and complete a refined & styled look.

wedding photographer hong kong
A blush bouquet for a bridal boudoir shoot, or single roses/peony for simple boudoir shoot

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Little things that will help you look great and stylish on the day of the shoot.

1. Avoid tanning your skin before the shoot
2. Cut off all the labels & tags on your lingerie before the shoot
3. Dye your hair into shades of brown color and do highlights. This is very important for the hair to good in photographs.
4. Manicure & Pedicure in French Style or apply nude/nude pink shades
5. Try on all your outfits and make sure they fit
6. Shave 😉
7. Purchase gel-like nipple stickers
(available at Cotton On)
8. Create a music playlist that helps you relax (optional)

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Congratulations! You’ve completed the steps to create your personalised photo shoot experience.

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